Happy HalloThankMas!

Happy HalloThankMas!

We've officially entered the -ber months friends, where fall gives us one last burst of beautifully rich colors. I like to think of it as the "golden hour" of the seasons. 

To celebrate all the -ber months, I've got a fun little roundup of books that include all (or most) of the holidays from this last quarter of the year! 

(see below)

Sugar Cookie Christmas by Monique Brasher
Sugar Cookie Christmas
A decade ago they eloped in Vegas, and not long after her father demanded they get their marriage annulled. Too bad the paperwork went missing, and they're actually still husband and wife.
Book 1 in a shared world/multi-author series, available in KU
covers Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Merry and the Gentleman by Donna K Weaver
Merry and the Gentleman
How do you choose between your heart and your responsibilities?
book 1 in a three book series, available in KU
all 3 books cover all major holidays

Christmas on Ice by Kerry Evelyn
Christmas on Ice
After my divorce, I made two rules:
1. Never date guys with first names for last names.
2. Never date guys whose jobs require travel.

And definitely don't marry them.
Book 2 in a series, available in KU
all holidays

Catering to Love by Kadee McDonaldCatering to Love
A beautiful chef has perfected at least a thousand recipes. But will she and her handsome martial arts instructor find the right ingredients when they begin Catering to Love?
Book 2 in a series, available in KU
contains Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

The Heart Shot by Emily Schneider
The Heart Shot
Two strangers. One couple's photoshoot. What could possibly go wrong?
Book 1 in a series, available in KU
fall with Christmas traditions mixed in (it's a very fun mix!) 

 Her Christmas Wish by Tia Marlee
His Christmas Wish
He was the love of her life and is the father of her children, but he also broke her heart—and now he's back?
Book 1 in a series, available in KU
begins before Halloween, ends at Christmas

Bringing Round the Cowboy by Mora Ash Wildes
Bringing Round the Cowboy
He was the love of her life and is the father of her children, but he also broke her heart—and now he's back?
Book 3 in a series, available Nov 5 in KU
goes through all the major holidays 

Muskoka Holiday Morsels by Carolyn Miller
Muskoka Holiday Morsels 
Muskoka Holiday Morsels is a collection of short romance stories with holiday and Christmas themes, perfect for a cozy read.
Book 5 in a series, releasing Nov. 2
goes through all major holidays 

Decker & Joy by Elle Rush
Decker & Joy
Strange things are afoot at Kitten Caboodle as the Christmas season approaches, and Joy McCall isn’t talking about the fuzzy paws of the new foster animals under her care. Between the strange kitten adoption requests, and the ransacked shelves every time she turns her back, she’s certain a mysterious force is at work. And his name might be Decker.
Book 1 in a series
includes Halloween + Christmas 

His to Shelter by Jewel Allen
His to Shelter
He's secretly in love with his wife.
Book 6 in a series, releasing Oct 18, 2023 
begins in August and ends at New Year's 

Scrooge and the Girls Next Door by Melanie Jacobson
Scrooge and the Girls Next Door
When the sunniest woman in Creekville buys the house next to the grumpiest man on the street, sparks fly . . . and not just because she keeps blowing his fuses...
Part of Creekville Kisses, available in KU
includes all major holidays

A Simple Plan by Jessica Marie Holt
A Simple Plan
a hero's journey
available in KU
covers all major holidays

Please note, these are affiliate links so I do get a small (very small) payment from Amazon if you purchase from them. :) 

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