About Me

Hi! I'm Monique and I'm the creator and CEO of Pages & Pines. So far in my adult life I've been a teacher, a professional photographer, an author, and now I make fun items inspired by things I love, sometimes with my kids. I'm basically a melting pot of all of the above these days!

Pages & Pines was founded first and foremost by my love for books, but also, all things fictional. Sometimes solace can be found in a great tv show or a movie that truly speaks to who we are inside, or how we're feeling better than anything else.

And then, then, of course, my two biggest "side dish" comforts are coffee + baking. You'll also find a collection dedicated to creatives, with a smattering of motherhood/faith/western/homeschool life because well: that's who I am. My favorite thing to watch on TikTok are farm animal videos: give me all the horses/chickens/baby goats/highland cows. Better yet, just buy a bunch of stuff so maybe I can finally live on some land and buy my own, lol! 

Comfort comes in all sizes, my friends. :)

All items are handmade by me (with occasional help from my kids) so every purchase supports our family, as well as my writing career. Indie publishing is an awesome ride, but also expensive, haha!

I'm so glad you're here! If you ever have any suggestions or requests, please shoot me an email or submit a request on FB or IG. I'm here to serve you!